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Dimensions & Weight

Width 16.4cm x Length 37cm x Height 19cm

Weight = 1.402kg

Product Description

The bonnet of the 4×4 Grover opens, along with both side and rear doors. The rear tow hitch is the perfect height to allow for both our horse trailer and quad trailer to be hitched up ready for play.

To make this a really personal gift, why not have personalised number plates fitted to the front bumper, we can accommodate up to 8 characters, perfect for a child’s initials and year of birth. Alternatively, they could always have a replica of the family number pate – or two, as a square number plate can also be fitted to the rear.

*Warning – This product contains concealed magnets

Each one of our toys is handmade from start to finish in our family workshops.  If an item you are interested in is out of stock, it can take up to six weeks to make a new toy, however we do try to keep an ongoing production of our toys that are low in stock so they may be available much sooner, if you would like to know the status of a particular colour please do get in touch.

07917 434386

Osmo natural waxes and oils

All of our toy stables and accessories will have had at least two protective coatings of Osmo® (Osmo® uses all natural waxes and oils), the coating will allow the natural beauty of the birch grain to be retained. Up to three coats of Osmo will be applied, and the overall finish will require at least three weeks to harden sufficiently, giving the toy increased durability. Osmo® forms an extremely hardwearing, dirt-resistant and water repellent surface.

Fixtures and Fittings

All of the hinges, screws and door knobs on our stables are made from solid brass.  The hinges have all had their corners hand sanded to fit neatly into their recessed positions – giving a quality flushed fit.  The screws are then held firmly in place with solid brass nuts. (Please note, these will need checking over time – spares will be provided with each stable.) The solid brass door knobs are standard, and we also supply one hay net ring fitted to the front outside wall.

Please Note:

Due to all of our toys being hand finished to specific colour requirements and individual specifications, we cannot accept responsibility for colour or texture variations from product to product.

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  1. Jaclyn

    With Emily’s tremendous help, I purchased a 4×4 Grover Pick up, Trailer and Horse for my daughter! I can’t get over how absolutely exquisite these toys are. They are extremely very well-made and incredibly beautiful. I am always on the look out for quality toys and Groverly Wood toys takes the cake. I look forward to ordering many products for many years to come!

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